paintshop-pro-x6-depth-of-field-100050867-galleryWhat is photo editing software?

Photo editing software is software has been developed to enable individuals to manipulate photographs, pictures and images with the use of a computer.  Traditional uses for photo editing are photo retouching and color correcting but as technology grows so does the capabilities of today’s photo editing software.  Today’s best photo editing software allows you to do more than just retouch your images, but customize and re-create as well.  Today there are literally hundreds of different photo editing software is to choose from.  Whether you’re a novice user, a beginner or a trained professional there is compatible photo editing software for you.

Web developers need photo editing software to build websites, blogs, web apps and e-commerce (like OsCommerce or Bigcommerce Templates) stores. If you’re looking to locate the best photo editing software there are plenty avenues across the web that can assist you in your search. Sites like can provide you with the top ten best rated photo editing software’s on the market today, or provides you with a comprehensive list of photo editing software and how it ranks among the others.

Top Photo Editing Programs

In today’s age of digital cameras and cell phones containing cameras and boost the popularity of photography like nothing in the past, but not everybody’s a professional photographer and knows how to adjust for appropriate lighting or color.  This is where photo editing software has made it easy for individuals to produce brilliantly clear images.  As previously stated, there are literally hundreds of photo editing programs on the market, choosing the right one that seem difficult and overwhelming.

There are certain things most image manipulators look for in photo editing software.  Items such as the number of fonts included, number of default brushes, maximum zoom level, creative filters, some ported import file formats as well as export file formats. Here’s a little information on some of the best available photo editing software.

Serif Photo Plus:

Photo plus is a powerful photo editing program developed by Serif.  The software currently ranks number three on with a ranking of 8.9 out of ten.  The serif photo plus software features a number of valuable tools.  The software contains 216 preinstalled fonts for users to choose from when adding text to images.  The serif program is a little like con brushes that are supplied with editing software containing only one, the average number of brushes included in similar programs is 21.4.  The zoom function is another important tool image creators used to get up close and personal with their designs, photo plus has a zoom ratio of 3200 a little below the category average of 4900.  There are sixty-two, creative filters included with the serif photo plus software that allow you to filter out noise or distortion as well as colors, serif is a little above average on this plane.  The number of supported import file formats for serif is twenty-seven, again falling short of the category average of 29.5.  In the supported export file formats category.  The serif photo plus software allows ten types of exported files.  The average for this category is 17.8.

Although it looks as if serif photo plus fall short of some of the industries averages on preinstalled tools is still rated number three on top ten, due to its wonderful sharing abilities and editing tools, and one of the highest ranked help and support sections on the site

main_screenPhotoshop Elements:

Adobe is been a longtime industry leader in photo editing software and has many programs in the Adobe family that allow you to manipulate images.  The top rated Adobe photo editing software is Photoshop elements 12, is a powerful program that can be used by veterans as well as flexible enough to be ideal for beginners.  Elements contains the highest number of preinstalled fonts out of the top three rated sites on top ten, packing 300 preinstalled fonts into the program.  The number of default brushes that come with Adobe’s Elements is a whopping 65, again topping the category average of 21.4.  The zoom feature in Adobe elements matches that of the serif photo plus software at 3200, one of the only categories that Adobe fall short of the category average, which is 4900.  Adobe’s running second in a number of creative filters included with the software, with ninety-two filters installed the category average for the filters section is 55.6 filters each program.  As you can see Adobe’s well over the average providing you with as much as they can.  The only other category that Adobe falls short of industries category average is the number of supported import file formats.  The average for this category is 29.5 file formats Photoshop Elements only allows seventeen.  Finally, the number of exported file formats that are supported are 19, just above the average of 17.8.  Adobe Photoshop elements twelve is a powerful image editing tool, but is it the best photo’s editing software available today, they come in second, according to top ten

Corel PaintShop Pro X6:

the best photo editing software, according to top ten, is Corel paint shop Pro X6.  Corel is another well-known name in the image editing industry and has been around for years, providing powerful, user-friendly photo editing software.  Corel paint shop includes a variety of instructional videos, as well as tutorials that can help new users as well as advanced users become more adept with the software.  The number of fonts included with Corel paint shop Pro are a little short of the industry average of 221.2 fonts, providing only 190 fonts.  The Corel software comes with ten preinstalled brushes to work with, which is a little less than half of the industry average.  The maximum zoom level.  Corel offers is 5000, one of the only top three rated image-editing software’s that actually top the category average.  The number of creative filters is an astonishing 192 that are included in Corel paint shop Pro, that’s 100 more than its second-place competitor, Adobe Photoshop Elements.  One of the best features individuals rave about with Corel is the fact that the number of supported import file formats is huge supporting eighty-two different file formats in the software.  Just like the import file formats, the number of export file formats is also much greater than that of its competitors with forty-one, its closest competitor being Adobe supplying nineteen.

Which one is right for you?

Deciding which is the best photo editing software for you is not always an easy choice, if your new user with no experience.  It can be hard to determine which software will work best for you.  My suggestion is to locate some of the top rated image-editing software and download a couple of free trials and play around with the programs yourself, just because one individual rates software higher than another doesn’t mean that other individuals don’t still prefer the underrated software, it comes down to which program works best for you.

dvd-cloner-1What is DVD burning Software?

DVD burning software is software that allows users to create as well as reproduce DVD movies.  DVD burning software can be used in conjunction with other software programs to make picture slideshows or home movies.  Today the software is more commonly used to copy or transfer movie libraries from one medium to another.  Some DVD burning software allows individuals to convert old VHS tapes to DVD better preserving them.

DVD burning software has been the topic of much controversy over the last decade, creating issues with copyright infringement.  DVD burning has created a major market for pirated DVDs, allowing individuals to obtain illegal copies of new movies.  DVD piracy is a federal offense and can hold hefty fines as well as jail time if an individual is convicted, so be sure when you’re choosing the best DVD burner software that it’s for its intended purpose.

Top DVD Burning Software:

Today’s ever-growing technology provides hundreds of choices when it comes to DVD burning software.  Some software can be obtained for free while others can cost upwards of $100.  Like with most products, the price does not necessarily reflect the quality as some of the top-rated brands are less costly than those the rated lower with consumers.  We are going to quickly go over the top three rated( according to consumer reviews) DVD burning software available today to give you an idea of what others look for when deciding which DVD burning software is appropriate for them.

#3) 1click DVD Copy:

One Click DVD Copy has a wide range of features that allows you to burn DVDs to DVD discs quickly.  Held as a fast and easy-to-use program, the software is fairly inexpensive, pricing at $59 for download and $64 to include a back-up CD.  The program not only allows you to copy full movies from disk to disk but also can provide the ability for you to copy episode DVDs without complication.  The quality of the copy from the One Click DVD Copy software rated 8.8 out of 10, providing useful presets as well as a little freedom when it comes to creating your DVD.  The software application’s stability received a, 10 out of 10 on customer satisfaction with very little issues of crashing when dealing with encrypted disks.  This program is an easy drag-and-drop user interface that makes moving files a breeze.  There been no reports of installation issues of major installation issues with the software, it installs smoothly and quickly the first time, usually taking less time to install that it actually takes to burn a DVD movie.  With a wide variety of useful features, and a couple of unique ones that aren’t available in many other products, it is easy to see why one click DVD copy Pro is high on the list.

N204-0195-main01-dc#2) 123 Copy DVD Gold:

123 Copy DVD Gold are comes in second with consumers as the best DVD burning software.  This software has become known as the one of the most reliable, easy to use and efficient applications available for all your DVD burning needs.  The program is price ten dollars less than the number three competitor, costing $49.99 for download and $54.99 to include a backup CD.  123 Copy DVD Gold provides extensive features as well as practical.  The program allows you to create DVDs from your personal video files as well as a disk image.  The quality a copy receive a ten out of ten with the replica being an exact copy of the source material, this is where other applications can fall short.  Application stability was rated excellent with a ten out of ten interview stating that installation was fast and easy as well as use of the application itself.  The program is easy to use receiving an 8.8 out of ten, even though the layout appears to be a bit different than most standard DVD burning applications.  123 Copy DVD Gold is number two with consumers for the best DVD burning software.  Thanks to its clean and simple interface, wonderful copy quality and expansive feature set.

#1) DVD Cloner:

DVD Cloner 2014 is rated the best DVD burning software on the market today.  Providing a large amount of burner options to users, the software allows you to create perfect copies of original material.  You can compress DVD nine onto DVD five or pick aspects in a commercial DVD as well as Blu-ray the want to copy and combine on a new disk.  DVD Cloner 2014 comes in with a very low price of $39.99 for a download and for $44.99 you can receive the download with a backup CD included.  It is very flexible software that provides plenty of advanced options to fit your needs.  The quality of copy of the DVD Cloner came in at ten out of ten as this software can burn a 1:1 clone, instead of just compressing it to a DVD 5 disc; this provides an immaculate copy of the disk.  The application stability also received 10 out of 10, with consumers stating it was easy to use and understand the software.  The program ran smoothly and independently not requiring additional downloads.  The ease-of-use also rated at 10 out of 10 with individuals claiming the program is easy to use and understand.  Even for newcomers.  Ease of installation also a 10/10 with consumers, the program installed quickly and smoothly, the first time and is backed with wonderful technical support if needed. The DVD Cloner is the only DVD burning software that receives ten out of ten in all categories and after reading consumer reviews, t is easy to see why.

51What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is an online marketing tool which is a single webpage that is displayed when the user clicks on an as SEO or search engine optimized online advertisement or search result.  Landing pages commonly displays a direct sales copy of the advertisement, and are often linked to social media sites or email campaigns.  The purpose a landing page is to convert visitors of the site and then leads or sales.

There are a couple of different types of landing pages.  The first being a transactional landing page; the goal of the transactional landing page is to convince a site visitor to interact and complete a transaction; this is most commonly seen as a form that the user would fill out.  A user’s information is gathered to add that user to an email list as future customer a transactional landing page is designed to capture as much information as possible, allowing marketers to find the best way to convert that user into a customer.

The second type a landing page is titled a reference landing page, what a reference landing page does is to display text, relative links, images, as well as other elements that are relevant to the user.  Reference landing pages commonly show advertisements related to your search history.

Landing pages are useful tools for any business that wish to sell products over their website.  In the past businesses would push targeted traffic to their company’s home page, which could kindly users lost once there, a user would still have to click around the site to find your ads.  Using a landing page brings your visitor directly to your featured advertisement with no confusion on what to do next.

Landing Page Makers:

Landing page makers have been developed to help business increase marketable traffic easier. Imagine having the tools to create beautiful landing pages that search engines are drawn to.  There are a few different highly praise landing page makers available on the market today, here we will cover a couple of the top consumer praised Landing Page Makers.  One, appropriately titled, Landing Page Maker, is a highly praise easy to use, landing page creation tool.  It features customizable software that can assist you in the creation of extremely effective landing pages.  The software provides attractive pages that can be easily found by search engines and are reasonably priced.  There are many different templates to choose from that are customizable as well.

landing-page-builder-settings-footerAnother useful landing page maker to consumers have hailed is called squeeze page. Squeeze pages are generally email lists that primarily focus on capturing information from the site visitor, the goal being to obtain as many email addresses they can allowing a company or individual to use email as a marketing tool.  A landing page needs to be well-designed and creative to attract more users have obtained more emails.  The squeeze page Creator allows you to create custom landing pages from a variety of supplied templates, these templates are somewhat customizable as far as appearance, but the content is left up to you.  Squeeze page creator suggests planning your landing page out thoroughly deciding exactly who you want to target and which products you want to target them with.

The most successful landing pages combine a number of different components , including but not limited to, a great sales pitch, you have to show customers what you have to offer as well is how to obtain that offer in the least amount of steps possible.  And that’s exactly what a landing page allows you to do.

If you’re an individual, business organization who wishes to prom their marketing strategy with the use of tools such as landing pages, there’s no need to pay somebody else for it now.  You can obtain your very own landing page maker that will allow you and your business to receive information it needs to blossom into the business you desire.  A professional landing page maker puts the tools that you need your fingertips to not only capture information, but convert them in the leads as well as future sales, helping to ensure the success you want.

drag_and_dropDrag and drop software builders were developed to make the process is building software’s of building software and websites faster and easier for developers.  Some individuals consider drag-and-drop software to be training wheels and for newer undeveloped users claiming that custom coding is the better way to go but just give you can do something the hard way doesn’t mean you should, or that you should have to that is why Drag and drop software has become so popular.

What is Drag and Drop?

Drag and drop is a term that refers to a pointing device gesture where the user selects the virtual object of choice, usually with a mouse or with today’s technology, it could be your finger or stylus on a touchscreen, and while keeping that item selected drags it to another location.  It can be used to combine many types of actions or creations, allowing you to drag-and-drop the contents of one file whether the picture text into another.  It is relatively easy and quickly learned technique to use.  Although users are not always clear on which items are able to be dragged and dropped.  Drag and drop software builders have become major assets in the graphic designer, web design industries today, allowing users to design more intricate and complex designs and creations with a simple click of a mouse.

Types of drag and drop software.

There many types of drag and drop software on the market today from simple programs in your operating system that allow you to drag files and pictures from what one location to another to more complex Drag and drop software that can allow you to create custom Internet applications.

Almost all Microsoft program support the drag-and-drop features.  The office 2013, suite features drag-and-drop that allows you to move information from a spreadsheet to a Word document with a single click of the mouse and a little hand movement.  Office features programs such as PowerPoint that allow user to drag and drop text, pics, and videos into slide show presentations, letting you adjust and move them as needed, with the Drag and Drop motion.

Adobe products are some of the most well-known Drag and drop software builders on the market today.  Adobe features a full range of photo editing, video editing, web design and software building programs that all interact using the drag-and-drop feature.  Programs such as Photoshop or illustrator allow you to drag shapes and text or even other pictures into existing pictures and drop them into place.  Adobe also features high-quality drag-and-drop programs that allow individuals to build custom websites.  Programs such as Dreamweaver and Adobe Muse are powerful Drag and drop web creation programs that not only allow you to drag-and-drop pictures and text in the place, but also custom widgets anchors and div tags.  For some individuals in the web design industry consider this cheating and think that hand coding is the best way to go, but in today’s fast-paced world.  There are many others who disagree and find the usefulness of drag-and-drop functions to be very accommodating.  Both programs also allow you to insert handwritten code not having to solely rely on the drag-and-drop feature to create a beautiful site.

478Alpha software Corporation is host to a powerful drag-and-drop software development program called Alpha five.  Alpha five is an application building program that relies heavily on the drag-and-drop function to build responsive web applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. The software provides a wide variety of functions and controls that make the user experience much easier and quicker.

Some developers dislike the fact that early Drag and drop software had major issues when transferred to the web platform certain pictures and text and designs in websites don’t sit where they were placed in the creation once uploaded to the web.  Sometimes fonts will look different, or text will be different size, pictures can appear in different positions in the frame of the web window as they did in the development window.  These were mostly early development issues that have been work over pretty good in the last few years, allowing producers of this type of software to provide a more reliable product.

Are Drag and Drop Software Builders for You?

Like many individuals, you may have questions regarding drag-and-drop software and may not realize that the probability of you already having used this type of software is very high as it is regularly installed and compatible with most operating systems today.  If you’re interested in saving time in creating faster,  I would suggest looking in to top drag and drop software builders in trying out a couple of trial versions of different programs to decide if they are right for you.  You could find that the use of Drag and drop software can save you a great deal of time in the development process, in turn saving you money.

2495537-xboxone_reserve_boxshot_leftangle_rgbXbox One

the Xbox one is one of the most anticipated game systems in the history of gaming.  Developed and distributed by the Microsoft Corporation the Xbox one was released in North America in November 2013.  The device claims to be an all-in-one entertainment center allowing it to compete with other media devices for the home such as Google TV or Apple TV platforms.

Its predecessor, the Xbox 360, introduced in 2005, was one of the fastest selling game systems introduced to the market.  The Xbox one is moved away from the 360s PowerPC-based architecture instead going back to that x86 architecture that was also seen in the release of the original Xbox.  The Xbox one features and AMD processor that is constructed around the x86 – 64 instruction set.  The new Xbox focuses on integrating entertainment and offering split screen multitasking of applications with improve second screen support.  The unit is considered to be a powerhouse of entertainment.  The newly upgraded connect motion sensor allows you the ability to use voice commands or gestures to navigate to the console.

The new console had much speculation on what was to be called upon its release.  Many in the industry referred to the 360s successor as the Xbox 720.  The console was unveiled to the public on May 21, 2013, holding the name Xbox one and since its release to the public, sold over 3 million units in 2013, that’s 3 million units between November and December.

Top Game for the Xbox One

With the systems initial launch there were only fifteen games released at that time popular titles they receive in the Xbox and Xbox 360 have carried over into the Xbox one platform.  Games like Need For Speed: Rivals, Assassins Creed 4, Battlefield 4 and Dead Rising have all had previous versions on the Xbox 360.  Just what is the best Xbox one game of 2014 that may be in the eye of the beholder.  Games are much like music as individuals have a personal preference for what they enjoy, not everybody enjoys shooting zombies or taking on a platoon of unruly terrorists, I know you’re thinking, “why not”, like I said it’s a personal preference.

Assassins Creeed: Black Flag

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag is an open world action adventure game that takes place in the days of Pirates release for the Xbox with this initial launch in November 2013 is the sixth installment in the assassins Creed series.  The story for black flag is set in 18th-century Caribbean what some consider to be the Golden age of piracy.  The game received positive reviews that praised the graphics, combat an open world game play the game.  One award for best action adventure game for the Spike GX 2013 awards.

k-bigpicBattlefield 4

Battlefield four is another popular release for the Xbox one.  Is a first-person shooter developed by electronic arts and is the fourth installment of the battlefield saga.  Like many favorite first-person shooters.  You can choose to play the single player campaign modes as well as multiplayer modes allowing other teammates to join in the fun.  Like most games today.  The game features downloadable content that can be downloaded to your system and added to the game for further experiences.

The Elder Scrolls (SkyRim)

Those were a couple of games that were released with the initial launch of the system and are expected to do well in 2014, but perhaps the most anticipated game of 2014 would be the release of the Elder scrolls, also known as Skyrim, for Xbox one.  Skyrim is a super popular game that’s been previously released on Microsoft Windows Xbox 360 as well as other gaming consoles.  The buzz around Elder scroll forms is that Bethesda game Studios is putting together a release for the Xbox One.  The previous versions released on Xbox 360 sold millions of copies and quickly became one of the most popular games of 2013.  With the release of the new Xbox one, it only makes sense that Bethesda would want to utilize this platform as well.  Elder scrolls is an open world gaming platform that continues to grow and evolve, you can play missions in the storyline, as well as side missions and travel through beautifully designed and eye-catching worlds. has the game listed is the sixth most anticipated games of 2014 in 411 mania ranks it as the third most anticipated Xbox game of 2014.

Best Game 2014

Most sites that rank games all have a different system for choosing the rankings.  The one thing they all seem to agree on is that the best game for Xbox one in 2014 is going to be Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Dragon age is an action role-playing game that’s created and developed by bio where the published by electronic arts.  It’s the third installment in the Dragon age franchise and is a highly anticipated bestseller for 2014.  Combining open world action where you can play as an elf, dwarf or a human and glorious graphic scenery begins with entertaining as well as eye-catching.

Although it’s a little early to tell exactly which game will be the best Xbox One game in 2014 one thing all the critics agree on is that it looks to be a banner year for the Xbox one.